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'Dreamweaver 4' S-Type

'Dreamweaver 4' S-Type


Our lovely “Dreamweaver” model continues to be very popular, and I’m extremely pleased to be able to say that the latest version is now owned by our Chief Demo Dude, Alex Ward.

Alex fell in love and actually named the original DW guitar, but alas it wasn’t to be his. Another couple of versions have came and went to very good homes, but as soon as Alex saw this one - a hardtail super lightweight Korina-bodied version - he had to have it.Happily this time, we could make it happen and Alex collected the guitar last week, and is very smitten indeed. Loosely based on a mid-'60s S-Type, our 'Dreamweaver' models have feature a lightweight body (ash or Korina) in worn three-tone 'burst with a large headstock, rosewood 'board neck, clay dot markers and jumbo 6000 frets on a 7.25" radius for a vintage modified feel.  A pair of our own scooped-midrange "Ozone" pickups take up the neck and middle positions, with a punchy "S90" at the bridge to offer a fantastic sonic palette. The hardware is all Kluson including the steel block vibrato (or hardtail bridge) and vintage repro tuners, while electronics are all the highest spec. CTS, CRL and Switchcraft components with cloth covered hook-up wire throughout.  



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