This particular set of PAF Replicas are based on Gary’s favourite 1960 PAF pickups from one of his the vintage Les Pauls.

The whole process took many months and a few different versions until Gary was completely convinced that we’d nailed it. Once we were all happy, we were in need of a name for them. ‘Grainger Things’ was in the running for a short time, but eventually Gary suggested ‘Sweet and Savage’ as that’s how he best describes the tone, and who are we to argue…

We used the finest components available including butyrate bobbins, sandcast magnets, the correct fillister pole screws, nickel silver baseplates and un-potted nickel covers - plus the all important maple spacers. We also use Plain Enamel coated 42AWG copper coil wire and our own coil wind patterns were refined and referenced to Gary’s until we reached a perfect and repeatable formula to match the DC Resistance and tonal subtleties found on Gary’s old PAF pickups. To hear Gary demo these wonderful pickups, please take a look at our demo video page here. It was recorded using the pickups installed in one of Gary’s ’59 Reissue Les Pauls direct into his own Blues Junior amp and mic’d with an SM58 – no effects pedals or any other nonsense were used. Please note that these are only available as a calibrated set of two for middle and bridge.

Gary Grainger 'Sweet & Savage' PAF Replica

Bobbin colour


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