We built this mahogany bodied S-Type as an experiment/tribute to the rare vintage examples that were made for a short period in '63. Using mahogany instead of ash or alder is a little unusual but we were keen to find out how it sounded. The result was a fantastically lively, warm and responsive tone. We initially installed a set of our own ‘Blackjack’ extra bright sounding single-coils to keep the top-end sparkle that I had feared we might lose using mahogany, but we quickly swapped to a set of warmer sounding A2 mag ‘Timeless’ units with a thick and meaty ‘S92’ in the bridge to create a real wolf in sheep’s clothing of a guitar that boasts a seriously authoritative voice that handles beefy blues and heavy rock with ease. In aged Torino Red it also looked great and didn’t hang around for long before being snapped up by a regular customer and friend.

Mahogany bodied S-Type