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"Dreamer" Humbucker-sized P90

"Dreamer" Humbucker-sized P90


A humbucker sized P90-type pickup. As youll probably realise, a conventional P90 is at least 10mm longer than a humbucker cover, so you cannot squeeze a full sized P90 coil inside. We have now spent a lot of time finding the best way to give you a good P90 tone within a humbucker. The Dreamers sound like great P90s, handwound with Alnico 5 magnets they have a big, articulate, focused and detailed tone without mush. They have some natural compression which complements the use of outboard gear (pedals etc...) The A5s give a big attack, outstanding volume and massive sustain. Each pickup is double wax potted and supplied with single conductor braided hook-up cable.



Bridge 8k

Neck 6k

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