After the fabulous reaction to our recent Rick Parfitt Tribute guitar, we decided that we really had to do this one as well. Francis Rossi’s well worn, heavily modified (and now retired) guitar has been through a number of guises over the years. It started life as a three-piece bodied Tele with a two-piece maple neck, so there’s no skunk stripe. In common with Parfitt’s, the bridge was changed early on – Rossi going for a tune-a-matic style bridge with tailpiece, rather than a wrapover – but while Parfitt’s has stayed pretty much the same with the exception of wear and maybe the odd pickup change, Rossi has been far more open to experimentation. At some point he changed to a three-pickup layout using Lace Sensors with a G&L bridge and even had a 22nd fret squeezed on to the end of the fingerboard, but for me it looked best in the mid-80s and it’s this particular look that we’ve recreated here. As this guitar is only available to order, we can build it to whatever spec. you prefer...

Francis Rossi Tribute T-Type



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