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'GST' Humbucker

'GST' Humbucker


I first made this fabulous sounding and versatile humbucker for our friend and Eternal endorsee Alex Ward. I’ve built a few guitars for Alex and the first one ‘Riggs’ was an all mahogany hybrid S-Type that also had a healthy dollop of Les Paul DNA. Alex asked if I could recreate the bridge pickup on his own ’93 LP so with a bit of reverse engineering I did exactly that, and then improved the overall tone to the point where Alex now has the ‘GST’ in all of his humbucker equipped guitars including his old LP.

The GST has that wonderful PAF on steroids tone - thick, meaty and warm sounding, loud and punchy but without the flatulence that dogs so many high-output humbuckers, which tend to have way too much output at the sacrifice of tone.

With a DC resistance of 10.5k ohms, this pickup is not shy or retiring but retains subtly and articulation at low volumes with a tight and defined bottom end and singing highs - it works brilliantly for everything from vintage-voiced rock, in-your-face blues and even advanced rock styles. Check out Alex’s fantastic demo video where he compares the GST in four different guitars, for conclusive proof of how it works equally as well in both set-neck and bolt-on guitars using different wood types.


Available in all the classic bobbin colours or with nickel, chrome or gold covers and as a lone 52mm bridge pickup as a calibrated pair. Ageing is also optional, so just choose your perfect look!

A2 mags. 10.5k output.

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