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Hollow Blonde T-Type

Hollow Blonde T-Type


Back in the dark ages of 2010, one of our earliest guitar models was a semi-hollow, blackguard-style T-Type, that I named the 'Hollow Blonde' Model. That guitar was a great calling card and even won us a Guitar Magazine Award that year.


I hadn't built one for many years but a conversation about our earlier models reminded me how great that guitar was, so I thought it was time to bring her back - and here's the new version. Very similar in spec. and design but with a little more wear and a much smokier and aged finish. All nitro as usual, on a semi-hollow ash body, one-piece chunky maple neck and a set of our '50s inspired Tele Tweed pickups - an Alnico 5 neck unit with an Alnico 2 bridge for an extra touch of warmth. The pickguard is lacquered Bakelite and we've used brass collar CTS pots, a CRL 3-way and a Switchcraft output jack with cloth covered hook-up wire as standard.

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