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"Micawber" Tribute T-Type

"Micawber" Tribute T-Type


This one is my homage to the famous blackguard Tele used for decades by the one and only Keith Richards.

An ash body, big old one-piece maple neck, a heavily worn blonde nitro finish are standard early ‘50s appointments, but Keef famously had the original retro-fitted with a PAF neck pickup - positioned upside down for reasons no-one is quite sure of. It quickly became his favoured guitar for open-G tuning, and latterly had the bridge replaced with a heavy brass, six-saddle unit and jettisoned the low E string.

The original split post Klusons were also replaced with nuke-proof Sperzel locking tuners.

The heavy wear on the upper shoulder and fingerboard (along with the missing 17th fret dot marker) are consistent with his strumming style in this area, and legend has it that the wiring uses a master volume pot along with a blend that introduces the neck pickup subtly into the mix.

My version features all of the above (although the wiring is standard, the blend wiring is an option) using one of my own PAF Replica pickups in the neck, along with a specially wound single-coil bridge pickup based on an early '50s Broadcaster tone.

I've used a modified and lacquered Bakelite 'guard (although I suspect that the original has had this replaced by a black plastic one at some point over the years) and medium sized 6130 frets on the 7.25" radius fingerboard for improved playability.

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