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This one took a lot of research but the final result as well worth the work. Like any heavily gigged guitar, Rick Parfitt's beloved and heavily modified guitar was constantly evolving as the finish wore off and parts were upgraded and replaced. The actual history is a little murky but it seems that the guitar started life as a mid-‘60s veneer ‘board model with an ash body painted dark blue with a three-ply white pickguard. At some point the body was painted over in white and the original three-saddle ashtray bridge was chopped down to make way for a sturdier wrap-over tailpiece. The original pickguard was also painted black at around the same time. It appears that Rick was fond of changing the bridge pickup – it has at various times sported an original ‘60s bridge pickup, a Duncan Quarter Pounder and at least one screw pole model. In our quest to recreate the right sound as well as aesthetics, we finished the body as the original had been and wound a special set of Eternal pickups using ¼” poles for the bridge unit. We also sourced a very tricky to find brass neck pickup cover and brass control knobs (they’re not gold plated as many assume) and the rubber Lego toy tyre for the volume control. 

Rick Parfitt Tribute T-Type