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S90/S92 Single Coil Pickup for Strat

S90/S92 Single Coil Pickup for Strat


If our Timeless pickups aren't quite punchy enough for you but you don't want or need a humbucker-sized hole in your guitar, then check out our "S90" singlecoil pickup.

Specifically designed to emulate the broad clarity and voicing of a good P90 or PAF but in a convenient singlecoil size that drops straight into the existing pickguard and routing on a Strat.

Tall, gently staggered Alnico 5 magnets combined with a unique coil wind give this pickup a distinctive voice with unparalleled responsiveness and sensitivity to volume control use.

We also offer an "S92" version that uses the same principles of design and coil wind but with Alnico 2 magnets to offer a touch more warmth with less aggressive highs - perfect for taming the bridge position on maple 'board or very bright sounding guitars.

Initially designed purely for the Strat bridge position, the "S90" combines brilliantly with our "Timeless" vintage-voiced singlecoils in the neck and middle positions to offer that boost and thickening of tone so often required on a three-pickup guitar. However, we also offer it as a calibrated set of three if you need the extra warmth and output across all pickup selections on your guitar.


DC: 11.5k approx.


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