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SRV inspired T-Type

SRV inspired T-Type


Like the player that inspired it, this one comes out swinging at the bell! An all nitro, heavily aged finished sits astride a lightweight alder body with custom routed reverse vibrato and additional singlecoil routs. The neck is a chunky but slick 'C' shape profile again finished in aged nitro but an instantly comfortable and played in feel. A slab rosewood fingerboard with vintage correct 7.25" radius is topped with 21 huge 6000 size frets that make massive and sustaining blues bends a breeze.

We've used two of our 'Timeless' Strat pickups for neck and middle positions with a specially wound 'T90' for the bridge using white-topped flatwork and string wrap. We've wired these through a CRL five-way switch to offer a wide range of tones and used our usual high quality CTS Brass Collar pots and cloth hook-up wire to the Switchcraft jack socket.

The hardware is all aged Kluson vintage repro with a steel-block vibrato of course, and split post tuners. We've used a hand carved bone nut and is set-up with 10-46 strings in concert pitch - we'll happily up the gauge upon request and drop the tuning a semi-tone for anyone seeking that filthy Texan Tone...

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