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'Stubby-T' for Telecaster Bridge

'Stubby-T' for Telecaster Bridge


The ’Stubby-T’ uses shorter than average poles and a unique wind that give it a squat appearance, but tonally it adds some serious girth and grit to a Tele bridge position.  I wanted to offer the presence and beef associated with our wonderful (and very popular) T90 pickup but voiced slightly differently and that would be a drop in fit to the majority of Tele-style guitars.

Due to the tonal characteristics of bobbin shape, coil wind and magnetic field, we created an entirely new pickup - one with similar power but a more subtle voice. It also allows very neat retrofitting to vintage guitars that typically have shallower routing/cavities than modern mass produced instruments. 

We’re proud to say that British songwriter and former ‘Longpigs’ and ‘Pulp’ guitarist Richard Hawley uses one of these pickups in his 1969 Telecaster that he opened each night with on his latest tour. The guitar is recent acquisition, and formerly belonged to folk legend Martin Carthy, and was once used by Bob Dylan. It’s a cracking guitar, but it lacked a little oomph on the bridge pickup in common with many Tele’s from that era. We’ve been rewinding various pickups for Richard over the years via his excellent tech Gordon White (of Single Coil Guitar Repairs in Leeds) and he suggested trying one of our new models in the guitar to spice it up a bit. It was a huge success and Richard kindly had this to say about the improved tone:

“It now sounds like a Tele should.' 


We’ll take that.


Grey bottom flatwork with white string wrap. 

As used by Richard Hawley

DC: approx. 13.3k


(Pics of Richard Hawley credited to GUIFRE DE PERAY)



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