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The Chops Single Coil Tele Pickup

The Chops Single Coil Tele Pickup


Tall A5 mags and 11k DC resistance – this is the preferred pickup used by Eternal Guitars. Our ‘Chops’ sets are built with the same basic principles as our Revelation Strat sets, but the Bridge pickups have been designed with slightly larger than normal Alnico 5 poles, again aged and bevelled to replicate the traditional Broadcaster(ish) grunt found on early ‘50’s guitars. They are also handwound with 43 gauge wire which gives a depth and grunt often lacking of more common pickups. Each is wax potted and finished with string wrap and a copper plated steel baseplate before being wax potted for a second time. The pickup has cloth covered hook-up wire and the whole pickup is aged to taste. The neck pickups are built using the same general processes but the covers are hand aged to give a faithful worn look, again 43 gauge wire Alnico 5 poles, double wax potting and attention to detail give these pickups a unique quality.

Bridge: 11k

Neck: 9k

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