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Timeless '69 Pickup for Strat

Timeless '69 Pickup for Strat


Our “Timeless ’69 Strat Pickups” are an authentic and detailed recreation of the finest post-'65 CBS era Strat pickups ever made. 

Although much-maligned when compared the pickups found on the '50s and early '60s fender instruments, many of these late ‘60s pickups had a wonderful sweet voice all of their own with bags of clarity and character, and that’s what we’ve recreated here.

We use the distinctive and era correct purple-coloured Plain Enamel coil wire and nitrocellulose lacquer potting rather than traditional wax potting. Lacquer isn’t as effective as wax and only partially penetrates the coil creating a hard and brittle outer coil with (what I call) a “fluffy” interior. This happy accident makes some very lively “edge of microphonic” performance, and in use this translates into a bright and sweet tone with the outstanding clarity so beloved by Jimi.

Most original examples are found with the grey bottom flatwork that Fender switched to when it became clear that the coil winding machine operators were struggling to see the dark enamel coated wire against black flatwork (the Formvar wire as used previously is a brighter bronze/gold colour so can easily be seen) but there are definitely examples out there with all black flatwork so I'm making this an option. 

Available aged or un-aged, and as single pickup or set of three - please note: these are all wound in the same direction WITHOUT a RW/RP middle pickup (just like the originals).


DC: 5.7 – 6k approx.

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