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Turbo T Pickup Set for Tele

Turbo T Pickup Set for Tele


The Turbo T is a true single coil with added grunt. Tall 6mm diameter flat stagger magnets and lots of winds add beef and a thick, chunky voice. With gain the tone is fat and loud with just the right amount of low string clarity and enough output to compliment a full size neck humbucker. Back off the volume and it cleans up for a brighter percussive voice with a healthy dollop of tele twang. Team it up with a calibrated Turbo T neck unit or for a truly versatile configuration, choose one of our full size neck humbuckers and add four-way switch. Bridge units have white or black string wrap and neck units come with nickel covers and all are available aged.
Bridge: 11.5k
Neck: 9k

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