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Timeless '68 Special Pickup set for Tele

Timeless '68 Special Pickup set for Tele


The Eternal 'Timeless '68 Special Pickup Set for Tele is our own improved version of a classic late '60s Tele pickup. Although the original design offers oodles of in your face attack, for us the bridge pickup can be a little too harsh and bright - perfect if you need to replace an original and retain the authentic voice (we also make a '68 Standard version) but we wanted to also offer something with a little more cajones.

Our '68 Special Set uses the same materials and spec. as the original pickups from that era but with a hotter wind on the bridge unit. We've kept the sweetness and warmth of a good original neck unit (available in a nickel cover as standard) which balances perfectly with the more raunchy and improved bridge pickup.

We start with correct height and diameter Imperial staggered height magnets and grey bottom flatwork and also use Plain Enamel coil but overwind the bridge to produce a meatier voice perfect for Tele tones with some extra grit. For us, this is how the originals should have sounded...


Please note: the demo video features Sam Bell playing our blue T-Type guitar fitted with a '68 Special at the bridge and one of our "PAF Replicas" in the neck position. Please select "PAF Neck Set" in the drop-down menu to choose this option.

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