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The Eternal  'Timeless '68 Special Bridge Pickup' for Tele is our own improved version of a classic late '60s Tele pickup. Although the original design offers oodles of in your face attack, for us it can be a little too harsh and bright - perfect if you need to replace an original and retain the authentic voice (we also make a '68 Standard version) but we wanted to also offer something with a little more cajones. Our '68 Special uses the same materials and spec. as an original pickup from that era but with a hotter wind. We start with correct height and diameter Imperial staggered height magnets and grey bottom flatwork and also use Plain Enamel coil but overwind to produce a meatier voice perfect for Tele tones with some extra grit. For us, this is how the original should have sounded...

DC: 8k approx.

Timeless '68 Special Bridge Pickup for Tele

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