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The eternal "JWO-1"

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Jamie West-Oram is best known as the sonic wizard guitarist in “The Fixx”. Since forming in 1980 the band have recorded fourteen studio albums including the Platinum selling “Reach the Beach” and Gold “Phantoms”. His resume also includes session work, touring and writing with such luminaries as David Bowie, Tina Turner, Brian Eno and Stevie Nicks among many others.


Jamie has been a customer and friend of Eternal for many years as I look after his various touring guitars when they need fretwork or surgery. Late last year we began to discuss the idea of building a guitar, and Jamie came up with an idea to combine the more aesthetically pleasing elements of a T-Type guitar with the fundamentals of his more favoured S-Type builds. We used his current Custom Shop Strat as a starting point for feel and wood choices to provide a familiar “spine” and then decided that we could make something unusual and unique at the same time. I was working on a modified T-Type shape at the time and once Jamie saw it he was hooked.

We improved the standard upper fret access and a shortened the upper horn for a cute, snub-nosed appearance, and then added forearm and tummy cuts for comfort. We were firmly aiming for an enhanced vintage design and aesthetic to incorporate the better elements of the original classic guitars, feel and hardware but it also had to be bullet proof in use.

A vibrato bridge was also essential so we used the best vintage repro currently available the Callaham paired with the excellent Gotoh vintage repro tuners and a handmade bone nut to keep things stable and reliable. Direct body mounted pickups were also a key feature which also allowed us to show off a little more of the “Luscious Lilac” finish (actually inspired by a pair of brightly coloured socks that Jamie’s gorgeous wife Bibi was wearing at the time!). We also simplified the control layout to master volume and tone with the volume pot placed exactly where it would be on a regular three pickup pickguard as Jamie uses it a lot to create his unique tonal landscapes.


The neck was initially based on one of Jamie’s favourite guitars but he asked if it could be a little larger in profile with pronounced extra depth and wider than standard nut. In fact, I put the guitar together without paint or electronics for Jamie to assess the neck profile - fully expecting it to need a considerable amount of slimming down, but once he played it he found it so comfortable and stable that he decided to leave it as it was - a great decision.


Offset pearl position markers were added to the dark rosewood fingerboard along with Luminlay side dots. Jamie’s favoured 6105 size Stainless Steel frets and vintage correct 7.25” radius were included which added to the beefy neck profile makes the whole thing a serious piece of very stable neck, and compared to a slimmer neck’d guitar using comparable spec. the added depth of tone and resonance is immediate and a joy to behold. The electronics were a much simpler decision as we’ve been making a Signature Set of “Fixxers” pickups for Jamie for a number of years so they were a no brainer as they offer Jamie exactly what he needs. These are wired through the highest quality brass collar CTS pots with a CRL five-way switch and a Swichcraft output jack.

We will be building this model on a custom order basis only, so please get in touch to enquire about pricing and timescales.

  • Model: Eternal “JWO-1”

  • Body: Solid alder

  • Neck: Two-piece. Maple shaft with slab rosewood fingerboard and offset pearl dot markers on face and Luminlay side-dots. Neck profile: Big C-shape

  • Neck dimensions: 23mm deep at 1st fret to 26mm deep at 12th

  • Radius: 7.25” 

  • Fret size: 6105

  • Number of frets: 22

  • Fret material: Stainless Steel

  • Nut width: 43mm

  • Finish: All nitrocellulose, aged “Luscious Lilac” on body with worn tinted maple on neck and headstock.

  • Plastics: Three-ply aged Pearl pick guard with aged Parchment pickup covers.

  • Bridge: Aged Callaham vintage repro.

  • Tuners: Gotoh vintage repro split post.

  • Pickups: Eternal hand wound “Fixxer” set - aged with aged parchment plastic covers.

  • Electronics: CTS brass collar 250k volume and tone pots with an Orange Drop capacitor and CRL five-way selector switch, cloth covered hook-up wire and a Switchcraft output jack socket.

  • Nut: Handcut bone.


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