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Revelation Single Coil Pickups for Strat

Revelation Single Coil Pickups for Strat


<p>A truly awesome Strat set, developed to give good Strats with rosewood fingerboards that unique fifties maple board tone, Aged and bevelled Alnico V poles together with our own aged and distressed covers give these pickups a fabulous vintage look. Our Eternal Revelation sets begin with hand tooled UK finished bobbins, made of Forbon (compressed fibre) with Alnico 5 staggered polepieces, which are bevelled and then aged both physically and aesthetically. The coils are then handwound using 42 gauge wire and cloth covered hook-up wire.


All the pickups are wax potted and each set of covers is individually aged according to taste using hand methods over a period of time to give anything from a plain old look to pickups that have seen 50 odd years of very hard misuse  this process can take far longer than actually making the pickup. As each set is individually handwound, they have an average DC reading between 5.4k Ohms and 5.6K Ohms with a typical output of 2.4 Henries. Each set is unique and calibrated, after testing they are engraved before final audio testing.


Only available in matched sets, they are loud and crisp with plenty of complicated detail and harmonics.


Outputs: 5.4k  - 5.6k ohms

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