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"George" the all Rosewood '60s T-Type

"George" the all Rosewood '60s T-Type


Our homage to the classic guitar most famously played by George Harrison of The Beatles.


“George” is our homage to the classic (and classy) all rosewood guitar most famously played by George Harrison on the Beatles final live appearance atop the Apple building in London in 1968.

Using an all rosewood construction, the original guitar was notoriously dense and heavy but rather than slavishly recreate this feature, we chose a chambered or semi-solid construction for the body. This not only significantly relieves weight and bulk but also opens up the acoustic tone and resonance. We use the same method for our very popular “PAF equipped” T-Types and it works beautifully - at just a sniff over 7lbs complete, George is gig-friendly and a breeze to play.

We’ve used a two-piece rosewood neck with vintage correct 7.25” radius and rounded edges, provide a fantastic broken in playing feel while the med/jumbo 6130 frets add a touch more solidity and playing ease over true vintage correct tiny frets. Real pearl dots inlays help guide the way...

Elsewhere, the lightly aged hardware is Gotoh and Schaller vintage repro. including the control plate, knobs ashtray bridge with three knurled steel saddles and through-body stringing.

The juice comes from a set of our late ‘60s inspired “68 Special” single coils, that have a little more girth than the original late ‘60s pickups and lack the ice-pick top end so common in this era too.  

A hand-cut bone nut with CTS, CRL and Switchcraft electronic components and cloth-covered hookup wire throughout round out the spec.


  • Model: Eternal “George” T-Type”
  • Body: Semi-hollow Rosewood with maple centre line.
  • Neck: Two-piece rosewood with real pearl dot inlays of fingerboard face.
  • Neck profile: C-shape
  • Neck dimensions: 21.3mm deep at 1st fret to 22.7mm deep at 12th
  • Radius: 7.25”
  • Fret size: 6130
  • Number of frets: 21
  • Nut width: 42.8mm
  • Finish: All clear nitrocellulose on neck, fingerboard and body. Very lightly aged. 
  • Plastics: Aged three-ply B/W/B pickguard.
  • Bridge: Gotoh ashtray with three knurled steel saddles and through-body stringing
  • Tuners: Aged Schaller vintage repro split post.
  • Pickups: Eternal hand wound “68 Special” set. Nickel covered neck pickup and white string wrap bridge unit. Both aged to match hardware.
  • Electronics: CTS brass collar 250k volume and tone pots with an Orange Drop capacitor, CRL three-way selector switch, cloth covered hook-up wire and a Switchcraft output jack socket.
  • Nut: Handcut bone
  • Strings: Ernie Ball Slinky 10-46
  • Weight: 7Ibs 1oz
  • Case: Vintage style hardcase included
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