Our lightweight Eternal 'PAF Replica'-equipped T-Types have become a very popular for those looking for a versatile, tone-packed and simple instrument, perfect for all styles of music. The combination of a lightweight build, solid hardware and our open sounding PAF Replica pickups create a unique tone - both resonant and focussed that really allows the player to find their own voice to craft truly musical tones. 

We're now onto model number four and without wishing to spoil a winning formula (but to keep things interesting and also experiment a little) I've made a few subtle changes to this version with the inclusion of a Bigsby vibrato and also a hotter bridge PAF pickup. The neck pickup is still a full vintage spec. unit with a nickel cover but as a vibrato changes the inherent tone, I wanted something with a little more balls in the bridge position. For this one, I’ve also used four-core pickup wiring and a push/pull pot which splits the pickups for coil taps - effectively making it two-guitars in one. All the good stuff remains but now you also have the option of adding a little shimmer to the tone via the Bigsby or with a simple push pot, thin out the sound for some authentic single coil twang which opens up the already impressive array of musical ground that these little things can cover.

The body is semi-hollow ash on this one which ensures a super lightweight feel under the all nitro two-tone heavily aged sunburst finish. Once again we've used a one-piece soft 'V' shaped neck profile with a vintage radius and medium jumbo (Gibson) sized fretwire, a hand-cut bone nut with CTS, CRL and Switchcraft electronic components.

PAF T-Type #4



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