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Timeless '54 Pickup for Strat

Timeless '54 Pickup for Strat


Faithful recreations of some of the finest  low output pickups ever made.

Our “Timeless ’54 Strat Pickups" are an authentic recreation of the iconic low output pickup with all the bell-like, open and chiming tones found on some of the finest electric guitars ever made. We use the correct stagger Alnico 3 magnets with vintage correct black bottom Forbon flatwork dipped in nitrocellulose lacquer to insulate the poles. The bobbins are sanded and then handwound with 42 AWG Heavy Formvar coil wire and vintage cloth push-back hook-ups and then potted using the era correct black wax method.

Available aged or un-aged, and as single pickup or set of three - please note: these are all wound in the same direction WITHOUT a RW/RP middle pickup (just like the originals).

DC: 5.5k - 5.7k approx.

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