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Timeless "Broadcaster" for Tele

Timeless "Broadcaster" for Tele


The latest addition to our Timeless Pickup Series, our recreation of one of the earliest Tele bridge pickups. Before the Tele became the twang-beast that we all know and love, the earlier versions used a slightly thicker and beefier sounding single coil (possibly in an attempt to emulate the good old P90 that Gibson had been using for many years prior) that found its way on to the Tele when it was still called the Broadcaster - this was around 1951 and the name was famously changed shortly after once Gretsch copped the hump about the similarities to their “Broadkaster” drum kit name. There was short period of no name (or Nocasters) before the Telecaster was officially christened.

The crucial difference to the later pickups is a fatter and warmer tone with a noticeably snub-nosed top end that lacks the shrill brittleness of many later variants.


DC resistance:

Bridge 10k approx.

Neck 8K approx

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